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Do you have an item to sell? I constantly need new stock and am always looking to buy privately where possible - not through auction. Fresh to the market pieces are always good to buy and I find I'm happy to pay more money for such items.

I pay strong money for good pieces and am happy for you to have the items pre-appraised at auction before our discussion. In fact, I would usually pay far more than you would achieve at auction for the top end pieces as I have an extensive client list to sell to. Clarice Cliff and Moorcroft appear to be my favourites but I will buy most things - 1930s figures especially Lenci, Essevi and Goldscheider, rare Doulton, Wedgwood, Martin Brothers, good Shelley, Susie Cooper - in fact anything of quality from 1880 to the present day.

Please contact me for more details on 07976 956208 or use my contact form. You can upload photos of your item(s), please include as much information as possible. Go to contact form

recent pieces purchased

Below are a few examples of recent prices I have paid for good pieces. (Note: future prices will vary according to current market.)

  • Clarice Cliff Latona Dahlia lotus jug

    £2000 paid

  • Lenci Colpo di Vento figure

    £4500 paid

  • Moorcroft Eventide vase

    £1600 paid

  • Pair of Moorcroft Hazeldene vases

    £4000 paid

  • Clarice Cliff Kew pattern tea set

    £5000 paid

  • Lenci ‘Il Grattacielo’

    £10000 paid

  • Clarice Cliff May Avenue 18” wall charger

    £18000 paid

  • Clarice Cliff Tennis pattern Globe vase

    £5000 paid

  • Clarice Cliff Age of Jazz figures

    £6000 - £9000 paid

  • Moorcroft Flambé Fish vase

    £2500 paid

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