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Since discovering my passion back in 1989 my interest was piqued. At first starting out with a vigorous quest to study and learn all there is about Clarice Cliff, not just herself personally but what the fascination with her pottery is all about.

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Insight and passion

In the early days my focus was travelling the country in search of Clarice Cliff pottery quickly realising it was sought after and very hard to find. I started with the purchase of some small damaged items and gradually progressed to more sought after pieces. By 1990 I had established myself and started to stand smaller fairs in the Midlands, the excitement and buzz of the atmosphere further accelerated by strong passion. Throughout the 90s, I stood more than 20 fairs per year around the UK mainly selling Clarice Cliff and other Art Deco ceramics. Moving three decades on much has changed in industry, but the passion is as strong as it ever was, and the business has grown beyond all expectation. Something that enabled this growth has been technology and particularly the wider audience the internet brings. This advancement has opened up a global appeal and has provided access to a global market.

Global appeal

Many of my clients are inspired collectors who have strong interests in various ceramics and particularly Art Deco, this client base has become world-wide. Having this opportunity has allowed me to lead the way in helping to build some of the world’s most phenomenal Clarice Cliff collections. For me it has been fascinating and hugely insightful to harness and understand the interest that exists internationally for Clarice, and there are so many different reasons as to why. Clarice represents the British Art Deco movement in pottery at its best, it also represents unique and game-changing design for it’s day. As a specialist myself in this field, my knowledge is based on a personal passion and a career spanning more than 30 years. A major part of my business is engagement with the customer base and those who have a strong interest, I will frequently advise and offer my knowledge to a variety of platforms such as Television and research. I'm also regularly contacted for advice on condition and value of items.

High end quality

The plethora of choice when it comes to buying means that I concentrate on sourcing the very best quality and rarer designs where possible, this is a benchmark that I use across all of my business from Clarice Cliff, to Art Pottery and to anything else that I buy and sell. You will find me particularly assiduous in my photography and detailing in item descriptions as I like to fully engage with both the item and the customer. This professional and personal service has allowed me to thrive with one of the best reputations in the field, and reflects the authenticity behind the passion. This approach is often not seen with online traders or traditional auctioneers as you place your trust in the unknown, undeclared issues like restoration can often be overlooked and it is a case of Buyer Beware. The buyer seeks the reassurance and confidence of the vendor, my reputation will speak for itself when it comes to this.


As the world has advanced, so too has the many ways in which we can access the interest base that exists for Clarice Cliff, Art Pottery, Decorative Arts, Interiors and so on. Many will argue that the physical presence at reputable Fairs continues to be the best way to engage with customers and enthusiasts, this is something I am still passionate about and continue to do regularly. With the nature of what I sell, often being up-close and personal to items is how people like to engage and develop a relationship with the item. However, we now live in an ever-changing world of technology and social media, this allows me to advertise and promote my calendar of fairs on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as well as this site. It can provide a new connection for my established customers but also discovering fresh interest and new buyers who I am always pleased to help and assist. A key part of the contemporary business is to harness new mediums and provide a strong presence for people both physically and virtually. You will find me at many of the UK fairs at regular points throughout the year (see the fairs page) including a new addition for this year – Lapada (in London September, 2021). Keep checking social media and the fairs page for details.

What does the future hold?

My business mission is to not stand still, it is to continue to adapt to the changing environment we find ourselves in, my latest website improvements personify this view. My passion for Clarice and the industry as a whole remains and will continue to remain as strong as ever. The quest to source the very best and rarest will never cease, with a buoyant market that I will always be leader in and I still enjoy today as much as I did, back in 1990.

Despite this, my diversification into fields other than Clarice must also be shared. An example being my 25 year specialism with Moorcroft Pottery which will remain a key part of my future under the umbrella of British Art Pottery where I will continue to try and source the finest pottery . With this my personal affection for Art, interiors and design, continues to cultivate and will also become a new focus of mine online. These diversifications have not always been so publicly known but as the winds change so does my direction and these fields will now become a key part of my online platform and social media.

Please continue to be in touch and contact through the various channels at any time and expect a prompt response.

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