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A truly exquisite and rare Bonbonniere decorated in a rare colourway of Claremont and then silver overlaid by Shreve and co of San Francisco in 1905. These items are some of the rarest and most desirable of all William's pottery produced. Usually it turns up on teaware but to find anything other is extremely rare and can command huge money, the following link shows a tyg in the same design that made $27,000 in auction https://www.antiquestradegazette.com/news/2013/moorcroft-with-a-27000-silver-lining/

This example is the only one i have ever seen and the sliver work is also really interesting and beautifully applied. GUARANTEED to be free from any form of damage or restoration this is an exceptional piece of Moorcroft pottery. It measures 7" in height, is 7.25" wide and fully signed to the base including handwritten Shreve & co marks. Please see all images. Please note that this is the piece featured in the Paul Atterbury Moorcroft revised edition book page 72 plate 1.

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